Although our tagline strives to capture the essence of who we are, there is much more that differentiates Elara.


Big Picture Thinking → Practical Approach → Sustainable Design.


Each Project is Unique and We Start with an Open Mind

We know a “one-size-fits-all solution” doesn’t maximize value and our expertise means that we don’t have to rely on this narrow way of thinking. Because we spend the upfront time to understand our client’s vision, needs, and goals and because we work hard to gain a thorough, holistic, “big picture” understanding of their building and systems; we’re able to bring to full-force Elara’s long history of innovation to create value throughout our entire engineering design process.



Big Picture Thinking → Practical Approach Sustainable Design.


We Look at Things Differently – Because We Can

Because Elara started as a construction and service contractor, we uniquely have a “contractor’s view” to ensure that design solutions -- even highly innovative ones -- are constructible and maintainable. Taken together; our big picture thinking, contractor view, and practical approach is why we think differently and ask different questions from that of nearly every other MEPFP design engineering firm. Our contractor mindset also means that we roll up our sleeves and get dirty as we assess our client’s building and systems to address questions, concerns, and solutions that others simply don’t even know to pursue.


Big Picture Thinking → Practical Approach → Sustainable Design.


Sustainable Designs and Sustainable Results: The Ultimate Goal

A sustainable design is a practical, constructible, right-sized, holistic, long-term solution that is only possible through big picture thinking and a practical approach: Big Picture Thinking + Practical Approach = Sustainable Design. Elara’s sustainable designs maximize energy savings and efficiencies and minimize lifecycle costs so that the benefits and value our clients expect are sustained (and often surpassed) over the entire lifespan of the delivered solution.



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