Wind Tower

Kankakee Community College
Kankakee, IL

Project Highlights and Results

  • Elara Green Project:  Wind Tower
  • The 100-foot high wind tower is a visible icon on KCC’s campus and is strategically located to produce the most wind energy as feasible where it produces up to 50 kilowatts of energy at 480V.
  • Wind tower project to produce approximately $14,000 in annual energy cost savings.
  • Elara Engineering was commissioned in 2010 to assist in the design for a design-build Wind Tower for Kankakee Community College to utilize the surrounding wind energy as a power source for the KCC campus.
  • The wind tower is connected to an electronic monitor located inside KCC’s campus where students, faculty and visitors can view the total instantaneous energy being generated by the wind tower at any given time and compare that to the energy being utilized by the campus.

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