29 N. Wacker, Chicago IL

Project Highlights and Results

  • ASHRAE Excellence in Engineering Award; First-Place: Chapter, Regional, International.
  • 28% reduction in building’s energy usage intensity despite 230% increase in occupancy.
  • Entire upgrade project completed with building occupied throughout construction.
  • Additional project benefits include reduced noise, improved occupant comfort, reduced maintenance, improved air quality, and reduced carbon emissions.
  • All retrofits and upgrades completed in phases to accommodate ongoing retail and commercial office activity.
    • Installation of new chiller and boiler plant took place during shoulder months so that the lack of heating and cooling would not affect building occupants.
    • Installation of new terminal units was phased to retrofit unoccupied areas first.
    • Improvements to occupied areas took place during off-hours to minimize tenant disruption.
  • Chilled beam units initially installed with supply duct pressure reduction devices to receive high static pressure from the existing air handling unit (AHU). Upon replacement of the AHU with a low static pressure unit, the pressure reduction devices were removed for normal operation.

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