Elara’s Plumbing Modifications Address Flooding at New Orleans Hotel

Due to repeated previous flooding, the potential for future flood events, and the location of critical building systems in the basement of the Pere Marquette Hotel, Elara designed numerous plumbing system modifications to minimize the potential impact of floodi ng on building operations and life safety.

The Pere Marquette Hotel, an 18-story luxury hotel located in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans was originally constructed in 1925, renovated in 2001, and underwent repairs to the base building after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  The hotel property has 275 guest rooms, a restaurant, a café, a fitness center, banquet and conference facilities, offices, and a parking garage.

Elara’s project scope was coordinated with and reimbursed by the building owner’s insurance carrier with the intent to minimize future claims. This proactive approach included the implementation of the following measures:

  • Relocation of the building’s fire pump and major electrical infrastructure to the first floor
  • Replacement and consolidation of two booster pumps to one relocated to the first floor
  • Installation of larger storm water removal pumps, additional storm water removal pumps and the design of a de-watering solution to minimize the impact of the flooding including an additional pumping basin, drain tile, and a submarine door.

More information about this project and other Elara projects can be found here.