Loyola University Mundelein Center

ADDRESS: 1020 W Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60660, United States
BUILDING TYPE: Higher Education, Office
TEAM / TEAM LEAD: Don McLauchlan
TEAM / TEAM LEAD: Don McLauchlan, Jay Parikh, Adam Sanders
ELARA ROLE: MEPFPIT Engineering Design

Project Highlights & Results

  • Design solution to convert the building to classroom and office
    spaces addressed the following significant challenges:
    – Building holds National Landmark Status
    – Building listed on National Registrar of Historic Places
    – Poor comfort and indoor air quality
    – No central cooling
    – No central system to introduce outside air
    – Poorly controlled steam heating system
    – No horizontal ductwork at all in the building.
    – City of Chicago ventilation standards would have required
    exhaust risers and ductwork too large to fit within
    building spaces.
  • Completed the 8-year phased redevelopment project while building
    was occupied.

Additional Details


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