MEPFP Retrofit Projects Improve Operational Flexibility and System Performance, Reliability, and Efficiency

In addition to a Dual Temperature System Study, Boiler & Chiller Plant
Schematic Design Report, and DHW Plant Replacement Report, Elara Engineering has completed the following MEPFP infrastructure retrofit projects for an occupied 39-story high-rise condominium building:

  • New Generator,
  • MUA Replacement,
  • FACP Upgrade,
  • Chiller Replacement,
  • Boiler Plant Replacement, and
  • Expansion Joint Replacement
  • New DDC System

Constructed in 1989, The Elm at Clark (1122 North Clark Street; Chicago, IL) includes a 6-level parking garage, sundeck, outdoor pool, and hospitality room within 396,000 square feet.

In addition to securing $82,539 from utility energy efficiency incentive programs to offset equipment installation costs and creating a project implementation prioritization plan that reduced overall project costs, Elara’s innovative engineering design team successfully provided the following to increase operational flexibility, improve occupant comfort, and enhance system performance, reliability, and efficiency:

  • New chiller plant, condensing boiler plant, and open protocol expandable building automation system
  • Enhanced dual temperature changeover control that significantly reduces changeover time between heating and cooling modes (from days to hours) aimed at improving occupant comfort while maintaining protection of new equipment.
  • New MUA incorporating a summer dehumidification mode.
  • New non-proprietary central fire alarm control panel (FACP) and devices with for less cost than replacing the existing proprietary FACP alone.
  • New expansion joints to proactively replace existing joints that were beginning to fail.

More information about this and other Elara projects can be found here.

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