Elara Engineering Opens New Office in Chicago’s River North Neighborhood!

To accommodate the firm’s growing staff and to ensure that our teams are readily accessible to our many downtown clients, Elara Engineering has opened a new, satellite office in Chicago’s River North neighborhood.

213 West Institute Place
Suite 702
Chicago, IL  60610
Near Chicago Avenue and Wells Street

The open concept loft space will support up to 14 employees, has two conference rooms, and a collaboration space.  In addition to providing a workspace for more Elara team members, the new office space accommodates many of those employees that live in Chicago and will reduce commute time as many can now use public transportation to further lower Elara’s carbon footprint.  The new office will also provide flexibility for our employees that typically work out of our Hillside office as they can now use the River North location to meet downtown clients and/or as a short-term base for ongoing downtown projects.

In finding and building-out a new office space, it was critical that we once again created a workspace that gives our talented and dedicated professionals the freedom and flexibility to work individually or in groups to analyze, problem solve, and innovate complex engineering problems.  We are confident that we have achieved this objective as we continue to be guided by our principles of Big Picture Thinking, Practical Approach, and Sustainable Designs.

Needless to say, we are excited to have a new downtown Chicago location and we invite you stop in for a cup of coffee.