Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Loyola University
Lake Shore Campus
Chicago, IL

LEED Gold designation incorporating all possible Energy and Atmosphere points.
ASHRAE Excellence in Engineering Award; First-Place: Chapter
Commonwealth Edison Smart Ideas Program incentive for $250,000
Illinois Clean Energy Program incentive for $90,000

Project Highlights and Results

  • Elara Green Project:  Geothermal, Cascading Natural Ventilation, Rainwater Harvesting, Biodiesel Boiler.
  • Project incorporates an existing high-rise dormitory building with new, state-of-the art laboratory, classroom and dormitory spaces which interact as part of an energy efficient building complex.
  • Vertical closed-loop geothermal system installed underneath the building with supplemental heat from a biodiesel fuel burning boiler.
  • 56% energy cost reduction achieved, exceeding predicted value of 47%.

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