Heritage at Millennium Park

130 N. Garland Court

Project Highlights and Results

  • Electrical Metering Investigation
    - Created near as-built electric single line drawing of meters and locations.
    - Simplified and corrected metering scheme.
    - Over $300,000 reimbursement received for historical mixed metering from building’s developer through identification of unbilled shared chilled water usage by the commercial tenants.
    - $25,000 received for previously unaccounted metering credit.
  • Energy Audit/Energy Retrofit
    - Combined simple payback of 3 years from Energy Conversation Measures (ECMs).
    - $440,265 in energy cost saved from actual utility bills over a 12-month period.
    - $1,086,352 in energy cost savings recorded over a 33-month period.
    - Over $100,000 in energy incentive funding obtained through local utility programs.

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