Township High School District 113, Highland Park/Deerfield IL

Highland Park High School
Deerfield High School

Project Highlights and Results

  • Lead Engineer, all projects since 2013
  • Innovative use of refrigerant based heating and cooling system (VRF) for energy efficient space conditioning that allows for simultaneous heating and cooling across the building spaces.
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) 3D modeling software utilized for all design and construction documentation.
  • Phased over five years.


  • HVAC design capitalizes on outdoor air conditions and AHUs recover energy to precondition outdoor air to minimize dehumidification energy usage.
  • Fabric duct system within the truss work provides more even and efficient air distribution.
  • Lighting arrangement makes use of an indirect light truss to minimize glare/reflection.


  • To address a wide variance in space occupancy/usage and increase operating efficiency, each gymnasium has two AHUs -- one sized to meet typical daily load and one required only during events where up to 2,000 people may occupy the space.

Classroom Renovations

  • To add classroom air conditioning, the energy efficient VRF heating and cooling system installed condensing units within the building penthouse (ducted to the outdoors).
  • To deliver a precise amount of ventilation air based on actual occupancy and to minimize over-ventilation of unoccupied spaces, the dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) were coupled with VRF.

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